Brookline Fire - Rescue

The Brookline Fire Department is a volunteer organization that has been serving the town of Brookline NH since June 1826. Our members are committed to serve the town and its people during any emergency and spend hundreds of hours per year training to do so.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please call 672-8531 or stop by the station. Regular monthly training is the first and third Monday of every month and officers meet the fourth Monday. Feel free to stop in and see what we are all about.


Command Officers

5C1- Chief Charlie Corey
5C2 - Asst Chief Curt Jensen
5C3 - Asst Chief Dave Flannery
5C4 - Asst Chief Scott Knowles

5O1 - Captain Dave Santuccio
5O2 - Captain Scott Boggis

Company 1

Rescue 1

5O11 - Lieutenant Joe DelPapa

Firefighter Steve Whitcomb
Firefighter Joe Cooper
Firefighter David Ricard
Firefighter Chris Skinner


Company 2

Engine 2

5O12 - Lieutenant Sean Ricard

5O17 - 2nd Lieut. Charles Corey Jr.

Firefighter Jim Boyle
Firefighter Paul Bourassa
Firefighter Tim Brown



Company 3

Engine 3

5O13 - Lieutenant Barry Doyle

5O18 - 2nd Lieut. JP Royea

Firefighter Jon Boyle
Firefighter Richard Montgomery
Firefighter David Cook

Company 4

Engine 4, Rescue 2

5O14 - Lieutenant Dave Joki

5O16 - Lieutenant Colin Shea

Firefighter Peter Bretschneider
Firefighter Phil Soletsky
Firefighter Paul Knightly

Company 5

Tanker 1, Forestry 1

5O15 - Lieutenant Brian Moore

Firefighter Paul Hakala
Firefighter Gregg Knights
Firefighter Ben Sliwerski